Whether beauty attracts us or we are beautiful

I, have often been thinking that God who is the creator of this universe, has not only created us but also created this beautiful earth where there are so many beautiful places to visit. But no one knows why he has been attracted from the beautiful place and is forced to visit them. The place I decided to visit was base camp of Rakaposhi peak. I, along with friends decided to make journey to the wholesome place of my country i.e Gilgit, Nagar and Hunza. This visit was scheduled up to one week. We make a rapid journey and reached Rakaposhi base camp. The day we reached our destination, wholesome atmosphere and beautiful scenes were inviting us glayfully every where. We enjoyed very much there but unfortunately the day we reached Rakaposhi base camp we faced, five to seven earthquakes and incessant rain throughout the night. That night was a nightmare for us. However, next day we returned back early in the morning at dawn but unfortunately flood and landsliding was every where due to which we have to give up our decision of departure and stayed there at Rakaposhi view point for two days. Considering, the way to back, would have been better, we left Rakaposhi view point but coming back to our destination, we again stuck due to landsliding. But we decided to continue travel and chose another lengthiest way via Babu Sar Top. That travel was also a full of panic and danger. Eventually we reached back our destination after fifteen days.

Life is precious

It is wise saying that life on the earth is precious than any of other material thing however for survival of any live creature , other lifeless things are very important like water, air, fire e.t.c. But in each era many people have been inclined towards facility and, sloth to hardships. The adventurous people have always selected the way of hardships. Consequently the world moves rapidly towards its revolution and with the passage of time, we are now in this era of change and modernism.

In old times, bloodshed can abundantly be seen on truffles even countries have been involved in massacre. Lack of tolerance and inordinate interests of stronger countries caused this massacre and genocide. However it is also a fact that hunger and power can never be at variance.

In this modern era, Science has obtained much greater importance. In these days we see that every live creature is being treated with much care in its misery. Rights have been reserved for them. Being human we should be much tolerant and should care about other.